01 Mar 2017

Student Assembly Engineering School Representative

As an elected member of Cornell’s Student Assembly, I was responsible for researching, proposing, and voting on legislation that affected the Cornell student population at-large. I regularly interfaced with administrators and advocated for students, representing a constituency of over 3000 undergraduates in the College of Engineering. I was involved in the SA Academic Policy Committee and the Educational Policy Committee of the Faculty Senate. My vision in participating in these committees was to alleviate mental health burdens on engineering students by re-working cumbersome school policies from the ground up. Some notable outcomes as a result of my work included:

  • Updating outdated facilities (chairs and tables) in Duffield Atrium (the main engineering hall).
  • New policy for reducing conflicts in exam scheduling.
  • University policy prohibiting the possibility of students receiving work over breaks.
  • Updating the university academic calendar to give students more time to pursue internship opportunities over the summer.
  • Updating the freshman/sophomore housing lottery.
  • Having open course syllabi during pre-enrollment period to help students understand course content before deciding to enroll.
  • University policy to prevent students from having more than three exams in a two-day period.