31 May 2021

Building J[ira]PT-3

J[ira]PT-3 generates feature tickets from your user story. Meet your team's newest AI-Product Manager.

As part of NexGrid’s Deep Learning Labs GPT-3 Hackathon, Taggart Bonham and I built and deployed a chrome extension which uses GPT-3 to write user stories and epics.

Product Managers spend a significant amount of time working through the mechanics of filing JIRA or GitHub tickets in order to track the completion of work in an organization. However, most of the time, a Product Manager knows exactly what their team needs to accomplish. Even though these tickets might be useful to others, writing out JIRA tickets becomes a mechanical process taking lots of time to convey details and achieve grammatical correctness.

To solve this, we built an AI-powered tool that works right inside your web browser.

When prompted with user story “As a __, I want __ so that I can ___”, J[ira]PT-3 will create:

  • A fully-formed description containing context on the user and their goal
  • A clearly-defined set of Acceptance Criteria that outlines the workflow to achieve the user’s goal.

Sign up for early beta access here.

And, check out our launch on Product Hunt!