About Me

  • I’m obsessed with product management, studying human behavior, and building really cool stuff. I also nerd out over powerpoint animations.
  • My background is in Software Engineering and Embedded Systems. I’ve worked cross-functionally in the aviation, aerospace, medical devices, autonomous vehicle, and most recently, AI hardware space.
  • My passion is technical communication. I love distilling complex ideas into their beautifully simple components, then communicating this beauty to others.
  • I find that the most effective technical communication is multi-modal, falling mostly on flashy consumer products - where effective means garnering broad, informative public understanding. However, I believe that hidden value comes from gleaning insight into the messy world of legacy business software, hardware infrastructure challenges, memory-constrained silicon, or apps that never hit your smartphone.

I grew up in a small New York City apartment and moved upstate to the frigid land of Cornell University for school. At Cornell, I obtained my Bachelors and Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering. While not pulling all-nighters in electronics labs, I tried my hand at a number of leadership endeavors: running for student government, creating maker-spaces, coordinating engineers and researchers to build medical devices for the third-world, and coaching students in public speaking. During this time, I became deeply involved in my school’s startup community.

My purpose is to build lasting organizations and valuable products. However, while not pursuing this goal, I enjoy a fair number of outdoor activities, writing, photography, and practicing public speaking. In 2019, I helped found an autodidact community out of a house in Downtown Mountain View where I now live. I also work for a startup called Cerebras Systems building an AI supercomputer.

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