Justin Selig

Visual Storytelling Through PowerPoint

Evidence for my love of PowerPoint animations.

14-year-old Justin decided that he wanted to become an animation artist when he grew up. However, he couldn’t afford the expensive software and computer workstations used by professionals at the time. What did he do? Tell stories through Powerpoint, of course! I now use Powerpoint as a medium to communicate complex ideas about technical concepts to audiences in an easy-to-digest format. It’s made me realize that any idea, whether it be a software algorithm, mathematical formula, or hardware design, can be conveyed through a visual experience.

Slide Decks

Some intro and template slides I made for my company:

Beginner's guide to a student organization that I founded in college:

Recruiting presentation for a project team I led in college:

Lecture I gave to a class of students on using servos for their robots:

Funny talk I gave in college as a final presentation for ECE 3950:

Final presentation for my internship at the MITRE Corporation:

High-level summary of my master's thesis for a talk I gave to my department:

Slides I made for my friend, Adarsh, who gave a TedX talk at my school:

Final presentation for the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program. Most slides actually came from my talented friend, Arpit:

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