Justin Selig

Cornell Make

Cornell Make was a student organization dedicated to spreading the maker movement across the Cornell campus. We provided students the tools, spaces, and human capital to pursue their ideas while fostering meaningful connections between makers.

In early 2014, I built a web platform to facilitate connections between Cornell students to work on personal projects. The platform transitioned into a campus initiative called Cornell Make, adopted as a portfolio company under Life Changing Labs.

During the site’s development, I worked with Prof. David Schneider of the System’s Engineering department to found a maker-space in his Carpenter Lab. This transitioned into a wider initiative as I acquired and led a team of ambitious students eager to help me unify the efforts of every maker organization on the Cornell campus.

This was team of students, staff, and faculty divided across multiple teams: events, operations, marketing, and web development. We called ourselves Cornell Make - a cross-campus initiative to promote making and innovation within the Cornell community.

Collaborating organizations included: Carpenter Lab, Slope Studio, The Popshop, the Becker House Maker Space, and the Cornell Library.

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